Emergency Preparedness Plan

Dear Parents:


The Salt Lake City School District, in collaboration with the SLC Police Department, SLC Fire Department, parents, teachers, and city preparedness coordinators, has created an Emergency Preparedness Plan to give direction to all affected individuals in the event of an emergency at Uintah Elementary School.


The emergency plan details the steps to be taken by district and school staff in the event of severe weather, natural disasters, intruders, utility break/disruptions, or other emergencies that may affect our school community. The plan outlines procedures designed to keep district students and staff safe while under our care. The plan also details the various trainings that will be provided to school staff, and the emergency drills in which students will participate.  Details of an emergency evacuation location for each school are also included. In most evacuation situations you can pick up your Uintah student at:


1st Place: West field of the school.

2nd Place: East side of the building.

In case of the need to evacuate the area, students will be moved to the following place and can be picked up there:

Bonneville Elementary School

1145 So. 1900 E.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108



In the event of an emergency or evacuation, Uintah Elementary School will provide you with updated information by phone and/or social media, if possible.  For more information about your school’s emergency plan, please contact the principal or front office staff.




Bruce P. Simpson


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