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Hello my Uintah unicorns! I am Ms. Butolph, your School Counselor. I am so excited to be here at Uintah and being a unicorn just makes it THAT much more exciting! Thanks to the efforts and commitment made by Salt Lake City School District and your School Community Council, I have the privilege of being at Uintah full time and that opens up so many great opportunities for us to help ensure all our students at Uintah are as strong socially and emotionally, as they are academically. I often am asked by parents what they can do to help support their kids’ social and emotional learning at home. The best thing all parents can do is jump in with us! Learn with us, model being the adults you want your kids to be, and bring school into your homes. When we all use the same language and have the same expectations from school to home to the grocery store--we build a culture for our kids of valuing being socially and emotionally capable. Parents can keep up with us and what we are learning at school by checking my webpage, following the PTA, reading the newsletters coming home . . . and jumping in! There is no real magic to any of this raising capable human beings stuff—just effort. We will start here at school with the explicit teaching of social/emotional skills and if you support the best you can when you can, we can create our village and build a culture for our kids of being the well rounded, capable, happy humans we all wish for them to be!

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