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Uintah has the SMARTS!

Uintah Elementary school is a neighborhood school that believes in not only focusing on reading, writing, science, and math, but also on the importance of all the arts integrated into a child’s whole learning. This philosophy is supported by our principal, teachers, and parents. Our students experience learning through visual arts, dance, drama, and music. Art at Uintah is also taught for art’s sake. Uintah students believe in taking artistic risks and understanding that “Beautiful Oops” is part of problem solving and creating while having fun with art. Uintah Elementary believes that every child has creative and important expressions. We also believe in using a little glitter in art from time to time.

Our school has a a visual artist instructor that works with all classrooms each week to create wonderful visual art expressions. We also have a ceramics teacher who works with each classroom once a year to create ceramic art expressions. Every class also works with our BTS drama teacher throughout the year to integrate drama into the curriculum, and our 3rd grade classes perform a schoolwide play for the community every year in the spring. Our 4th-6th grade classes have music up to two times per week where they explore multiple ways to create music using instruments and/or their voices. We also have our K-2nd & 4th grades engaging in the Tanner Dance program where they explore art through movement. Uintah is a great place to learn about all subject areas.  

​Uintah Art Night

Each spring, the Uintah PTA hosts our annual Art Night where students share some of their artistic expressions and the community comes together to raise funds for the art programs found at the school. Please visit the Uintah PTA website to learn more about the great work they are doing including the work on this year's annual Art Night.

Uintah Art Night