Principal's Message

May 2020 Principal’s Message

Dear Uintah Community,

      What a long year April has been, at least it feels that way! We hope that you have been able to stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times. So much has been in flux for these past several weeks that it can be difficult to feel a sense of safety and security. However, one thing that hasn’t wavered is the care and commitment that we have for the children in the Uintah community. Our teachers and paraprofessionals are hard at work to help provide you and the children with resources that will help them to continue learning in spite of the challenges we face. I am grateful for their dedication and effort along with the dedication and effort that you as parents are putting in to help the children of Uintah continue to learn.

     To help say thank you to the hard working faculty and staff of Uintah, the Uintah PTA has designated the week of May 11-15 as our Teacher Appreciation Week. Please take a moment or two this week to share your gratitude for all that your child’s teacher has done for them this year. Please encourage your child/children to do the same. A flier went out that has more information on how parents and students can help express their gratitude for the good work that is still happening from the hard working teachers and staff here at Uintah.

     We are also working on a plan to wind down the school year and provide some closure for all of us to this unique school year. The details are not yet set, but once they are, we will communicate those to you as soon as we can. With the thoughts of the end of this year come questions and concerns about the next one. The details as to what that will look like are still being debated across the nation and world. While we don’t have those yet, I do want you to know one detail that is certain. The staff and faculty at Uintah will meet the upcoming challenges with flexibility, hope, determination, and optimism because that is what we do at Uintah. Be safe, be healthy, and take care!


Bruce P. Simpson

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