Principal's Message

Dear parents, students, and community members,

 Happy February! Can you believe we had another snow day? Two years in a row! Wow! This is the stuff of legends that our children will be able to tell their grandchildren, right? I hope everyone was able to stay safe and warm or get safe and warm whether you got to play in the snow or not. Speaking of snow, please encourage your child or children to come to school with warm clothing that will help them stay dry as chances are they will be playing outside most days. As long as the air quality is good, the temperature is above 20 degrees, and the weather is good, they will likely go outside. And please remind them to keep the snow on the ground; no snowballs at school, please. We want kids to have fun and be safe.

 This month of February is historically the time we celebrate love. Much of this is of the romantic type, but there are lots of ways to show love and caring to other people that isn’t romantic, but is definitely necessary as we interact with other human beings in our community. Some of the ways we might show our love and caring for others would be to praise someone for the good that they are doing, to approach someone thinking that they are really doing the best that they can in the situation they are given, to think that another person has good intentions with what they are trying to do, to give someone a break in a tough situation when they need it, or to forgive someone who has wronged us. Most of these gifts aren’t expensive but carry more value than money can often buy. As faculty and staff at Uintah, we currently are working on ways we can help students and adults with our social and emotional learning and achievement, which includes looking at practices like the ones above to help us have a stronger and more caring community. Let’s all work together this month to share our love and concern with our community in ways that will build each other up and help us have more trust in and respect for each other. Have a great month!

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity I have to serve in this school and community. If you have any concerns about your child, or if I can support you or your family in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact me directly at I am confident that together, we have the knowledge, wisdom, resources, and love that will help continue to make Uintah a safe place for children to learn.


Bruce P. Simpson

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